Best tips to maintain car brakes

Good driving habits help to maintain healthy brakes. Everyone has got something about how you drive for most reasons of premature brake wear. Pressing the result of the brake pedal into the brake pads rub against the brake discs which slows the wheels. Over time, the material applying the brakes on the pad reduces due to the heat generated by friction. is here with some easy facts to maintain your car breaks in long run.

Avoid over speeding

A sudden brake from a higher speed is wrong for brakes as they wear out due to friction. High speed drive causes more friction. The braking system operates by converting power into heat energy. Therefore, you should try to maintain a moderate speed to avoid unnecessary brakes.

Change brake fluid timely

These days hydraulic brake is available in most of the cars. When you step on the brake, the car comes to a stop as a result of the pressure in the brake fluid. The brake system is completely sealed to continue this tension.

Avoid left foot for the brakes

Somewhere in a long traffic jam, people pick up bad driving habits. While you must be extra careful as others might be dangerous for you and your car. One of such bad habits is to use your left leg to hit the brakes. recommended you to avoid your right foot on brakes. Block that left foot for the clutch pedal.

Overheated brakes

Overheated brakes may turn out as a nightmare to your car. In some case especially when you are driving in hilly areas, driving downhill for prolonged periods the chances for overheating are high. To prevent this, use the gear when you are bringing the car down and allowing the brakes to cool down. But it is important not to keep the paddle depressed while doing so as heat from the pads can transfer to the disc rotor and result in warping of the disc.

Do not overload your car

The heavier your car is, the older the brake age. When you need your car to come to a halt, you apply the brakes. But if the car is heavy then the brakes will have to take more effort to stop the machine. So, avoid your car trunk getting overloaded.

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