have you got your keys insured

Have you got your car keys insured?

As we are gradually moving from manual car keys to keyless Frequency Operated Button (FOB), the cost of the keys are also increasing significantly. Even though it is insignificant in terms of size, its absence can send a car owner into a panic mode. While the remaking and procurement of a manual car key are much easier and cheap, the same for a keyless FOB is both tiresome and costly. The price attached to the replacement of a keyless FOB ranges between to a few thousand to a few lakhs. This should be a cause of concern for every car owner and should preferably be insured.

FOB is a keyless remote system based on a new technology that completely controls the car’s lock and unlocks functionality through a keyless remote. The loss or damage of keyless FOB can be a great inconvenience. The replacement can only be done by the authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service center. It can, therefore, be a costly affair because of its high cost and the mechanized skill required to create one.

In order to be safe and secure, it would be reasonable if the car owners get their high-end locking systems keyless FOB insured while getting a new car. It is common knowledge that most car policies do not cover the loss of keys.  In order to insure the keys, one has to buy an add-on rider wherever offered. This add-on rider costs somewhere between Rs. 100 to Rs. 300. The cost of the rider varies according to the car model and its variant.

For safety concerns, if your remote-key/keyless FOB gets stolen, damaged or lost then you should completely replace the remote-lock system of your car as it is an integral part of the remote-lock system.

While explaining about the concerns of keyless FOB to a leading media house, Amit Bhasin, Co-founder, GoMechanic, an automobile repair and service solution firm, said, “The remote-key/keyless FOB and remote-lock system work on the principle of radio transmitter because of which you can easily lock and unlock, operate other functions like the closing of windows and roof when remotely locking the car, from a distance.” He further mentioned that “The radio transmitter of the car works within a general range of 10-20 meters.”

A FOB has a unique computer-code which is matched with the code present in the remote-lock system of the car. Thus, every car has a distinctive remote-key/keyless FOB. Any attempt to unlock the remote lock system with a manual key will detect the code error and the alarm will be set off.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, a keyless FOB is priced dearly. The more luxurious the car, the FOB gets highly mechanized, thereby increasing the cost of the keyless FOB. In order to be secure and save money, one must insure the remote key.


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