Never overhaul these 5 signs of brake problems

A good working brake is a very integral part of every vehicle. Brake is very essential to manage the speed according to your need and if you are overlooking any error then you can be in extreme danger very soon. is here with few essential tips you need to consider for your safety.

Brake Warning Sign

This is one of the most important signs in your Dashboard which you can’t overhaul. The sign indicates either low brake fluid pressure or worn-out brake pads. You need to take this sign very seriously and visit your authorized service centre or local mechanic as soon as possible.

Stiff / Loose Pedal

If you notice that your vehicle is losing all pressure or you feel that the brakes are free then there is a serious issue. You need to fix this issue immediately as you will not be able to brake without it.

Steering Vibration

In case your car’s brake pedal vibrates then this might be a dying sign of your brake. The major cause of a vibrating brake pedal is worn out brake pads. Talking about the other reasons may include sticking brake callipers or out of balance brake rotors.

Increased Braking Distance

This problem takes place when there is a problem in low brake fluid level or worn-out brake pads. The enlarged braking distance can be taken as a caution sign of a primary problem that can cause major braking faults.

Overheating Brakes

Overheating brake problems generally occur due to aggressive braking or a fault with brakes. In case you smell something burning and the engine temperature is in perfect place it’s probably that your brakes are overheating.

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