Simple tips to identify an odometer fraud

If you are planning to buy a used car, the first question which comes in your mind is car’s present condition; others simply look for how it has been used in the past. But the best way to judge how the car has been used by the previous owner is to review the odometer reading. An odometer is generally used to check the original distance that has been traveled by a car.

Check Service Record

Many people opts odometer fraud to sell their vehicles these days. However, it is not tough to identify the fraud. The buyer can ask for the service record book to check the actual service timings and kilometers. Car service history consists of any maintenance work done on the vehicle.

Body Condition

It is not wrong to say that a car itself tells it’s own journey. If a car was regularly used buy a owner then it should be having some scratches or dents as compare to a unused or fresh car. The paint fading and scratches will help to suspect an odometer rollback.

Check Pedals

Car owner can fraud with an odometer but it’s hard to fraud with pedals. You need to notice the pedals and evaluate how the pedals have worn out during their journey. So in case if an odometer shows less reading, the pedals will give you direction towards the facts.

Check Tyres

The easiest way is to check the tyres. In case the car has been not used much, the owner should not have changed the tyres. If the car you want to buy shows 25,000 kms, there is definitely a rollback.

Take experts advice

According to, taking an expert’s advice is the best and simple way to check an odometer fraud. An expert can thoroughly check an odometer digitally for any rollbacks. They have advanced technology to detect the frauds in a car.

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