Tips to fight against car depreciation (1)

Tips to reduce your car’s depreciation

Tips to fight against car depreciation (1)

Automotive industry in India is among the dynamic and fastest recovering industries in the world. Despite the global pandemic and economic slowdown, people prefer to buy cars as social distancing is having its game and public transport remains still unsafe. When you plan to buy a car, one of the most important factors you should consider is depreciation. In today’s article, will discuss how you can fight car depreciation. Read on to find out!

Select your car wisely


Always buy cars that have a good reputation in the market. We know that new brands with latest specifications might interest you but you should also carefully examine the brand’s presence in other countries like India to assume how a brand would do in a developing nation like ours. The safest step is to buy a car which has already gained a good reputation and image in the country. This will definitely gain a good resale value and a super smooth ownership experience.

Choose regular colours


Take a look at Polo car that has a different set of audience who love the car in its red shade and are ready to buy it anytime! This case is not the same for other car brands. People generally tend to buy neutral colours for their new four wheelers like white or silver. If you own a neutral coloured car, its buyers in the market will be more and therefore will have maximum resale value too. An out of the box colour shade will get you a lesser price in comparison to neutral colours.

Don’t go for ultra-luxurious cars

If you are buying a car to use it for a long duration, you can go for what you like. To fight with car depreciation, always invest in a car which can get you the maximum number of buyers in the near future. Majority of Indians go for an affordable car with high fuel efficiency and less service cost. If you own a luxurious vehicle, it will depreciate faster compared to popular ones.

Maintain service routine

 A car owner always tries to maintain his/her car to avoid cost depreciation and if you are a sensible owner then you must be aware of the importance of car servicing. A regular car servicing helps you to maintain your car cost in the market. You can also select for the best car servicing, finance and insurance for your car.

Maintain your car documents

After a routine servicing, the most important step is to maintain original car papers in the best condition. If case you are not good with maintaining papers then you car freely contact and trust them to ensure you documents and car servicing records in the best possible way.

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