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As per reports, Nissan Motors will discontinue the new models of sedans in Japan and will focus more on SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) and EVs (Electric Vehicles). Although, the company will continue to manufacture sedans for the overseas market.

Nikkei Asia said that the production of the current 4 (four) models of the sedan available in Japan will be affected and the major suppliers of the same has already been informed about the same. Focusing more on the development on SUVs and EVs will allow Nissan which is a part of the world’s largest automotive alliances with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors to further invest into the same.

The company hasn’t decided yet whether to stop the production of the current versions of the luxury Fuga and Cima sedans, and also the Skyline which was first introduced in 1957. On the other hand, the production of the Sylphy sedan was stopped in the year 2020.

Nissan is planning to convert its plant located in Tochigi, North Tokyo into producing EVs solely by starting to assemble its new Ariya electric vehicle. Skyline has been Nissan’s oldest model which is still in production but SUVs are more in demand amongst the younger generation.

According to data, Nissan sold 5,800 units of its 4 (Four) sedan models in 2020 which accounted to only 1 percent of its total new car sales. The sedan models of Nissan have performed better overseas with around 950,000 units sold in 2020.

As for the its model “Skyline” which is so much popular, the company is planning to use the same name for its SUVs and EVs. Nissan halted its production of sedans in May 2020 in order to cut its model count by roughly a fifth by the fiscal year ending March 2024.

According to the report, along with Nissan many other top car manufacturers are cutting down towards producing sedan and are moving towards manufacturing more of the SUVs as the demand rises.

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