Top 10 Best Selling Cars in 2018 in India

The year 2018 saw plenty of cars sold across India. The leading brands had laid out quite a palate full of new cars for users to come and hop in. There were hatchbacks, SUV’s, compact SUV’s, sedan, MPV’s and much more on offer throughout the year 2018 and the sales number showed the keen interest of car buyers.

However, everything wasn’t a smooth ride throughout for auto industry. It did face a mini turmoil as there were some fluctuations in the exchange rates and those ever-increasing insurance premium rates. But then again, it’s all part of the ride.

We thought of looking into those sales number and see which one made it to the top of the most selling car in India 2018. And here’s us with an entry on it. Get ready for a ride.

Broom broom!

10) Maruti Suzuki Celerio (91,957 units)

The first entrant into our list, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, branded with a theme, ‘Life takes a leap with Celerio’. Maruti does stay true to its theme and its showcases in the preference of car buyers. Celerio is one of those cars that you don’t notice much yet is the one who remains the dark horse in the car industry with over 91,957 units in 2018.

It comes in three editions, petrol edition, petrol engine (AMT) edition, and petrol+CNG edition. It’s allure as a first family car is what’s been making Celerio one of the evergreen pieces and will continue so.

Price- Rs 4.58 lakhs- 5.87 lakhs

9) Hyundai Creta (113,274 units) 

The quintessential compact SUV offering from Hyundai, Creta commands an allure that won’t wane down any soon. Hyundai laid down quite a marker with Creta of which other rivals started the following suit soon.

The numbers 113,274 sales in 2018 for Hyundai Creta tells the story, an SUV making top sales in a list dominated by small cars mainly. It has to lead a new driving sensation with its stronger, convenient, powerful and peace of mind offering. It comes in petrol and diesel variant with automatic option also on offer.

Price- Rs 10.64 lakhs- 17.63 lakhs

8) Hyundai Grand i10 (122,799 units)

An efficient hatchback offering from Hyundai, this one is the second entry in our list for Hyundai. A flexible and wide-space offering, Grand i10 has made quite a name for itself. It offers upscale design, comfortability, and a pretty nifty powerful engine to run the race.

It comes in both the petrol and diesel options. It also went through a minor change this year with the updates adding more subtly to its repertoire. Hyundai sold over 122,799 units in the year 2018. And with plenty of offers and discounts in line from Hyundai, the numbers will rank even higher. Find used Hyundai cars here

Price- Rs 5.52 lakhs- 8.62 lakhs

7) Hyundai Elite i20 (122,799 units)

Hyundai’s top-of-the-line premium hatchback, i20 has been fighting off competitions all over to amass great numbers for so many years. Even after an influx of multiple subcompact SUV’s, priced aggressively to compete with Elite i20, it’s sales numbers haven’t dipped much with 129,164 new cars sold every month.

Hyundai i20 comes in both petrol and diesel options and recently had a facelift which was showcased in the Auto Expo in 2018. The facelift has added a new zeal of life into it and the sales number shows them.

Price- Rs 5.82 lakhs- 10.28 lakhs

6) Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (145,799 units)  

A compact-SUV offering inspired by the predecessor Grand Vitara, Maruti Suzuki has earned quite a name for itself with this one. It’s one of the most preferred pieces around and comes with a diesel engine. It helped Maruti gain a hold on the sub-compact SUV segment and with sales of 145,799 units, it’s safe to say it’s one of the best picks around.

Maruti has given Vitara Brezza subtle changes with time like the AMT transmission added which gave the company a new variant in its segment.

Price- Rs 8.45 lakhs- 12.35 lakhs

5) Maruti Wagon R (149,300 units)

A family hatchback that is practical to use for, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been an evergreen piece in India. It remains one of the oldest selling cars in India and still ranking great sales numbers. These days, Wagon R is traded mostly into the commercial fleet of the Ola, Uber and other ride-hailing companies.

It had a sales of 1,49,300 units of new Wagon R. It comes in petrol and petrol+CNG edition with an engine displacement of 998 ccs in both the options. A new facelifted version of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R will be launched this January 2019.

Price- Rs 4.55 lakhs- 5.86 lakhs

4) Maruti Suzuki Baleno (199,101 units)

Well, Maruti Suzuki once again making an entry into the list. This time with the premium hatchback Baleno. Maruti had Swift under its wings in the hatchback range. However, as premium hatchback started becoming most loved about, Maruti thought of coming into their own with this Baleno.

It has a spacious feel to it with stylish interior and powerful drive. The most preferred of the Nexa series, Baleno’s state of the art tech advancements and luxurious feel make it an erstwhile option. It is available in both the petrol and diesel edition with sales of 199,101 units in 2018 alone. You can find Maruti Suzuki used cars here

Price- Rs 4.55 lakhs- 5.86 lakhs

3) Maruti Suzuki Swift (211,840 units)

Maruti Suzuki made quite a name for itself with Swift previously. Such was the theme that Swift dominated the hatchback market for years and years until others took note and started offering something that could compete with Swift. But as things stand, Swift still commands a fair share of the market with 211,840 units in this year itself.

Maruti Suzuki Swift has undergone plenty of updates and changes over the year, adding new features and upgrades every now and then to give them the edge in the segment. It launched a new generation this year with wider dimensions, sporty designs, and much-improved performance metrics. It is available in both petrol and diesel editions with automatic option also there for each.

Price- Rs 5.43 lakhs- 9.84 lakhs

2) Maruti Suzuki Alto (231,540 units)

Maruti Suzuki Alto seems like this one will never fade away from the limelight. Even after years of service and with so many cars out there, Alto tends to have a following that runs the rule in the many Indian mid-tier to small-tier cities.

Maruti Suzuki has two options around with the Alto and K10 branded as one to offer an 800-cc displacement car to people seeking their first small car. It’s high sales as of 231,540 units giving it the second highest selling numbers of the car in India in 2018, is all down to its unbeatable offerings. It’s reliable, easy to drive around and much familiar to people.

Price- Rs 2.8 lakhs- 4.17 lakhs

1) Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire (247,815 units)

Occupying the top spot in the list with over 247,815 sales is the aesthetic subcompact sedan offering from Maruti Suzuki, branded as Dzire. This one has been rocking the market because of its ability to offer everything required in a sedan. Ample space, spacious cabins, state-of-the-art design, peak performance and power, Dzire is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a great sedan car.

Priced aggressively starting at just over 6.09 lakhs, it makes a great choice for the Indian customers. It comes in petrol and diesel both the variants and also has an automatic transmission option for those wanting.

Price- Rs 6.09 lakhs- 10.61 lakhs


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