Lamborghini completes 30 years of its Diablo

Automobili Lamborghini accomplished 30 years of its iconic Diablo model, the carmaker said in a release. The Diablo was Lamborghini’s maximum manufactured car, with a total number of 2,903 units. It remained available until 2001 when it was made successful by the Murciélago model.

The story of the iconic car began in 1985. It was named code 132 for the purpose of replacing the countach at the top of the Lamborghini range. Diablo was formally the world’s fastest manufacture car at launch, proficient of a highest speed of 325 kmph.

In 1999, following the purchase of Automobili Lamborghini by the Audi Group, the Diablo SV ‘Restling’, designed by Luke Donnerklov, was unveiled as Lamborghini’s first in-house designer.

In the year 1993, the carmaker launched the Diablo VT, the very first Lamborghini Granturismo fortified with four-wheel drive, with a series of power-driven enhancements and variations to be implemented soon on the two-wheel-drive version.

In 1993, the special SE30 series was introduced with power increases of up to 523 hp, 30 years after the company’s birth.

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