New guidelines for waiting time at toll plazas – NHAI

Long waiting timelines at the toll plazas is quite frustrating but now that won’t be a problem because of the new guidelines issued by NHAI (National Highways Authority of India). Let’s have a look what are the new guidelines.

The NHAI has issued new guidelines with respect to the waiting timelines at the toll plaza which states that the service time at the toll plazas across country should not be more than 10 seconds at any point of time in order to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

In addition to this, NHAI has instructed to paint a yellow line at all toll plazas across country which should be 100 meters away from each lane of the toll booth. This states that if the queue of vehicles is more than 100 meters then the vehicles are allowed to pass the toll plaza without paying the toll tax until and unless the queue comes under the yellow line.

As per the new guidelines issued by NHAI, it would not just provide an advantage of reduced waiting period for customers but will also create a sense of responsibility amongst the toll plaza operators. Also, the NHAI also stated an increasing number of people are considering FASTag as a means to pay the toll taxes with an overall FASTag penetration by 96 percent.

In keeping with the adoption of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) across the country, the NHAI is also working on developing upcoming toll plazas with a new design that’ll efficiently handle projected traffic over the next 10 years.

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