Tips for replacement of car keys if yours are lost or damaged

Most of the carmakers have started delivering modern car keys for past few years. But have you ever thought about what would you do in case of lost or damage of your car key. always recommend their buyers and readers that  prevention is better than cure, you should always take precaution of your car keys specially when you are travelling out of town to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here are few tips to avoid problems, according to the type of car key they have.

Traditional Keys

If you have a traditional car key , it means you are probably having an old car. As we always says old is gold, so in that case if you ever lose your car key you can directly visit or call a locksmith and get a duplicate car key ready. This is the short and simplest way of getting a traditional car key ready in a short span of time.

Transponder Keys

It is not wrong to say that the Transponder Keys are the updated version of the traditional keys. The Transponder Key includes a chip inside which helps to send signals to the ECU and allow the car to start the engine. In case of lost and damage of the transponder key, suggests you to get an expert with such keys.

Key with Fob

Key with Fob is a basic car key with a security chip which helps to start the car, locks and unlocks with the help of the key cylinder available inside the door.  In case you lost your key then you can directly call a locksmith to get another key ready. A car owner also has an option to buy a fob later.

Keys Attached to the Fobs

For past few years, many carmakers have started delivering the fobs which had the folding key mechanism. If you own such car keys then you have to be extra careful.  If you lost your keys then you have only two options. First, you can use spare car key and the second one is you can directly visit any dealerships to get a new spare fob key.

Smart Key

Smart keys are the most commonly seen keys in the current automobile sector. Majority of cars in today’s time are built with a keyless entry and push-button start. In case you lost your keyless entry fob, then you have to use your spare car key and you can visit your nearest dealership to get the new key. In the worst scenario, there is a probability that the dealership doesn’t have a particular fob in stock and you have to wait for some time.

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