Compare Hyundai Creta Vs Mahindra Scorpio price, specs, features

Have you been spoilt for choices with the plethora of car offering around? Thinking of going for an SUV or a sedan or even a hatchback? Or else which car to buy in 2019? We’ll help you out on this.

Our comparison series takes on the likes of all cars available in India and helps you out on deciding the best among them. For today, we’ve lined up the SUV’s Hyundai Creta and Mahindra Scorpio. Equally impressive in each aspect, this one is a battle worth savoring. Let’s find out more about this in our Hyundai Creta Vs Mahindra Scorpio.

The synopsis

Hyundai cars have had a massive rise in India over the years, down to their line of products that are highly impressive and performing at the same time. They offer cars in multiple segments starting from hatchbacks, sedan, compact SUV’s to the SUV’s. One of their much-loved series is Hyundai Creta, the compact SUV. It is also one of the most loved new cars in India from its launch itself. Inspired from the eldest sibling Santa Fe, this one takes in great performance and features.

Mahindra stands as one of the most emphatic automobile manufacturers of India. The makers of meanest and toughest vehicles around, these have always been a name to trust. Mahindra has a clan of SUV’s under their hood and we today take note of the Mahindra Scorpio for the comparison. Buy new car online

Comparing a compact SUV with an SUV might seem overstretched, but let’s see how this one fares. Read along.


Hyundai Creta features two engine options as diesel and petrol ones and has 9 different variants on offer. It comes with a displacement of 1591 cc for the petrol engine while the diesel one comes with three engine variants as 1396cc, 1591cc and 1582 cc. It comes in both manual and automatic transmission.

Mahindra Scorpio comes in all diesel option and has 14 different variants ongoing. There are two engine options with this one as 2179 cc engine and 2523 cc engine. It has a manual based transmission. Buy new car


Hyundai Creta comes with a fuel tank capacity of 55 ltr and bears a mileage of 15.29 km/ltr for highway while the mileage for the city remains 11.2 km/ltr. Another variant of it offers 21.38 km/ltr for highway and 18.3 km/ltr in city areas.

On the other hand, Mahindra Scorpio comes with a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters and has an ARAI certified mileage ranging from 9.0 kmpl to 16.36 kmpl. The city mileage does tend to decrease than the ARAI certified highway mileage. Buy old car

Suspension & Steering

Hyundai Creta has a front suspension of MacPherson Strut and a rear suspension of b Coupled Torsion Beam Axle. It has coil spring shock absorber type and comes with power steering. The turning radius for Hyundai Creta is 5.3 meters.

Mahindra Scorpio has a Double wish-bone type independent front coil spring front suspension and multi-coil spring suspension with anti-roll bar for the rear suspension. It comes with a turning radius of 5.4 meters.

Seating and Boot Space

The seating capacity for both Hyundai Creta is 5 people in 2 seating rows and it has 5 doors. The boot space for Hyundai Creta is 400 liters. The number of doors for both are 5 too.

The seating capacity of Mahindra Bolero is 460 liters and comes with a seating capacity for 7 people. It has 3-seating rows and comes with 5 doors.

Price & Variants

Here’re the pricing and variants for Hyundai Creta.

1.4 S- ₹ 11.7 L

1.6 Sx- ₹ 13.2 L

1.6 SX (D/T)- ₹ 12.4 L

E 1.6- ₹ 9.4 L

E Plus 1.4 CRDI- ₹ 10 L

E Plus 1.6- ₹ 10 L

SX 1.6 CRDI (O)- ₹ 15 L

SX Plus 1.6 AT CRDI- ₹ 14.8 L

SX Plus 1.6 CRDI Dual Tone- ₹ 13.7 L

Here’s the one for Mahindra Scorpio

S11 2WD- ₹ 15.1 L

S11 2WD 8 STR- ₹ 15.2 L

S11 4WD- ₹ 16.4 L

S11 4WD 8 STR- ₹ 16.5 L

S3 2WD- ₹ 10 L

S3 2WD 9 STR- ₹ 10.1 L

S5- ₹ 12 L

S5 2WD 9 STR- ₹ 12 L

S7 120 2WD- ₹ 13 L

S7 120 2WD 8 STR- ₹ 13.2 L

S7 140 2WD 7 STR- ₹ 13.5 L

S7 140 2WD 8 STR- ₹ 13.5 L

S9 2WD 7 STR- ₹ 14 L

S9 2WD 8 STR- ₹ 14 L

So geared up for any one of these? Do relay your thoughts in comment box down below.

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