New vs Used Car_ Buying tips

New vs Used Car: Buying tips

New vs Used Car_ Buying tips

When you decide to buy a car, you have so much options and varieties in the market. Not only do you need to pick the make and model of your car, you also need to decide if you want to buy a new or used car. is here with some briefing which will help you to take the final decision. (5 Tips to maintain your car during lockdown)

See buying new cars or old cars have their own advantages and disadvantages:

New Car Advantages

Latest Technology and Pollution Norms are met.
Rate of Interest are Cheaper.
Vehicle is in Warranty so manufacturing defects are repaired free. You are the first owner
Insurance Costs are lesser. (List of 2020 upcoming sedan cars in India)

New Car Disadvantages

Vehicle cost depreciates 25% the moment it is out of the showroom
You bear the entire registration amount (depending upon different state) which in India is extremely high.
You bear the logistics, temporary charges and all the other ancillary charges.
The Cost of vehicle is Way higher.(as in the ex-showroom non depreciated cost), for some it becomes out of budget.
Warranty get Null & Void if you get the vehicle serviced from non-authorised workshops which are generally way cheaper in maintenance as compared to authorised workshops which bleed you out on service bills.

Used Car/Pre-Owned Car Advantages

Vehicle cost is cheaper which opens a lot of options to buy an upgraded vehicle in the same budget. (for instance: if your budget is INR 300,000, then instead of buying a New Datsun Go, you can go for a 2–3 years old Honda Jazz).
The vehicle is already registered so you don’t need to pay registration amount, only the transfer charges are borne by the buyer which is next to nothing. But if you are changing the registration state of the vehicle, then you will have to bear the new registration charges which are also on the depreciated value.
Whatever price you negotiate, is the final price.
If the vehicle is not under warranty, then you can go to the multi branded workshops, which can reduce your service bills by 70% as compared to authorised single branded workshops.
Since the vehicle bought today is cheaper, you can probably plan another pre-owned vehicle in lesser time as compared to a new vehicle which is at a higher cost.

Used Car/Pre-Owned Car Disadvantages

The vehicle bought might not be a new shape of latest technology or might not have the latest pollution norms.
Rate of Interest on the auto loan are way higher.
Vehicle might not be in warranty, so if the vehicle comes up with a manufacturing defect after 3–4 years of use, then it your headache and nobody else’s.
YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST OWNER, But if the vehicle is in pristine condition, do you really care? (**refer to Aston Martin pre-owned advertisements.

My suggestion is to go for a new car if your budget permits, do extensive research of your requirements or talk to an *automotive expert* at (
*if Not*
Go for a 1–2–3 years old vehicle, get its records checked, get yourself satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, buyer and price. You can also consultant an *Automotive consultant* at ( *FREE OF COST.*



You can Buy new car or Buy used car from

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