Here’s Hyundai’s answer to Tata Harrier. The next-generation Hyundai Creta to be launched soon

The folks at Hyundai has taken note of how Tata Harrier has completely overtaken the market and their hold on the market is diminishing. In what came in as overwhelming news, Tata Harrier has already had over 10,000 bookings. Hyundai citing the need to up the ante are now planning for a 2020 next-generation Hyundai Creta. It will be one of the new cars in India.

Hyundai Creta had been one of the finest offerings from Hyundai and rightly made into the top-selling lists of India. But with time, every cycle comes to an end and the same happened with Creta once the Tata Harrier kicked in. It still ranked in 10,000 sales units every month but that number is set to be hit severally with the other competitors popping up like Harrier, Kicks, and XUV300. Hyundai’s sister brand, Kia, another South Korean automobile manufacturer is also coming in with premium compact SUV and so is the likes of Skoda and Volkswagen are bringing their own too. Buy new car online

Hyundai had been selling the Creta for over three and a half years and provided a bit of facelift in between. But with the competition getting a touch, Hyundai has planned to give Creta a cosmetic and complete makeover giving them a chance to steady their hold in the market. The upcoming generation of Hyundai Creta will be more premium and will come with increased dimensions than the current one. It will also bear extended space with 7-seater option a likely one. Buy new car

It will be based on Kia’s SP2i concept and will take multiple cues from there. It will also take note of the Creta’s actual eldest sibling Santa Fe and will come with now-trending eyebrow lamps and sleek looking headlamps. It will also have a cascading front grille and will have improved interior paired with newer technologies. Although no news has come in as for the engine specs, it is likely that it will also be liberated and be tuned as per the BSVI emission standards. Buy old car

The battle between these automobile brands will be a treat for Indian customers and will come handy for customers. Let’s see what’s the next move now.

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