Make In India campaign takes flight. Volvo to locally assemble electric cars after Mercedes

Volvo, the erstwhile Swedish automobile manufacturers are in line to launch plug-in hybrid cars in India pretty soon. Taking note of the Make in India Campaign, Volvo is another company gearing to make its presence known in the Indian automobile market. Buy new car online

Having concentrated in tier 1 market for long, they are now planning to go for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets as part of their expansion in the Indian market. Having seen the growth exponentiality in the rural areas, Volvo is planning to go big and look into the potential markets of cities like Indore and Raipur. Furthermore, they also command good repute in areas like Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada. Buy new car

Volvo is planning to make the XC90 car (although it already has the fuel model of this in the market) the first under this plug-in hybrid range and has high hopes on this one. This will be one of the new cars in India. It all came into play after the Indian government decreased the customs duty from the existing 15 percent to 10 percent on the import of electric vehicles components and parts. Many other manufacturers have already taken note of this scheme and planning for the next-gen electric vehicles like the way Mercedes did. This new car would come in CBU format and will be assembled in the Bengaluru.

Volvo will be introducing plenty of electric vehicles and will become one of the first companies to offer plug-in hybrid cars in India under the ‘Make in India’ scheme. Volvo will assemble the car in the Bengaluru plant that they so eagerly started back in October 2017. Volvo’s Bengaluru plant will house over 60% of total cars assembled in India. Buy old car

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