Top 10 Best Toyota Cars in India 2019

Toyota, a Japanese automobile brand is a giant in the International scene when it comes to cars. With so many pioneering cars offered under their tutelage and they are truly loved throughout for the high-performance and functioning paired in one. Toyota carries a heritage that many automobile brands can only dream off and it’s built on the basis of these finest offerings for such a long period.

Toyota cars are much loved about in India and the demands are always soaring high. Their offerings include sedans, SUV’s, MPV’s and much more. The more someone looks into the profile of Toyota, the more they feel awe-struck with it. Toyota has plenty to offer in India and they quite often give best Toyota deals for anyone looking. You can even book Toyota online via our platform.

Here’s us with the best cars of Toyota in our exclusive, ‘Top 10 Best Toyota Cars in India 2019’. Read along.

10)Toyota Etios Liva

Let’s start with the entry-level series from Toyota, modeled as Toyota Etios Liva. It’s a hatchback series which has been loved about much in India. It comes with both petrol and diesel options and features 11 different variants. The petrol edition comes in 1197 cc while the diesel edition comes in 1364 cc.

Toyota offers both the automatic and manual based transmission based on the variants and ranks in mileage of 18.16 kmpl on petrol and 23.59 kmpl on diesel variant. The fuel tank for this one is 45 liters. Buy new car here.

Price- Rs 5.5- 7.6 lakhs

9) Toyota Platinum Etios

Placed above the Etios Liva is the sedan edition of it marketed as the Toyota Platinum Etios. This one comes in both diesel and petrol variant with a 1496cc petrol engine and 1364 cc diesel engine. It has 5-speed manual transmission and also has a seating capacity of 5 people.

It bears a 45-liter fuel tank that ranks in 16.78 kmpl for petrol and 23.59 kmpl for the diesel variant. Buy old car here.

Price- Rs 6.50 – 8.94 lakhs

8) Toyota Etios Cross

This one is the new crossover edition of the much loved Etios and comes with two engine options as petrol and diesel. The petrol option comes in two variants as 1197cc engine and 1496cc engine while the diesel one comes with the 1364cc engine.

It has 45-liter fuel tank capacity and comes with a mileage of 23.59 kmpl for the diesel variant, and 16.78kmpl to 17.71 kmpl for petrol variant.

Price- Rs 6.4 – 8.1 lakhs

7) Toyota Corolla Altis

The legendary sedan offering from Toyota, this one is already into its 11th generation and is still going great. One of the finest sedans ever made, it is loved by all and is one of the best cars in India. It comes with two engine options with a 1798 cc petrol engine and 1364 cc diesel engine.

It has both the manual and automatic based transmission varying according to the models and sports a seating capacity for 4 people. It has a 55-liter fuel tank with the stated mileage of 14.5 kmpl on petrol unit and 21 kmpl on the diesel unit.

Price- Rs 16.3 – 20.01 lakhs

6)Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota is famed around the globe for its aesthetic design and automobile engineering. Well, it’s the same with this new offering on the Innova variant. They facelifted the exterior styling and added a touch of luxurious interior settings with the newest variant of Innova named as Toyota Innova Crysta. It is also one of the new cars in India.

Toyota Innova Crysta comes in both engine options, petrol, and diesel. It has a with an engine displacement of 2393 cc for manual transmission based and 2755 cc for automatic transmission based on diesel variant and a 2694 cc engine for petrol base. The manual transmission has 5 gears while the automatic one has 6 gears. Both feature front wheel drive option.

Toyota Innova Crysta offers seating capacity for 7/8 people depending upon the variant and has 5 doors. Toyota Innova Crysta is likely to offer highway mileage of 15.4 kmpl with the city mileage primed at 10.75 kmpl. It features a fuel tank capacity of 55 ltr.

Price- Rs 14.3 – 23.2 lakhs

5)Toyota Fortuner  

A powerful brute, stylish and sporty luxury SUV, this is the firm favorite of many people in India. With unheralded charisma and aura, nothing captivates alike like the Toyota Fortuner. It comes in both diesel and petrol engine options with 2694 cc petrol engine and 2755 cc diesel engine. It offers automatic and manual based transmission depending on the variant.

It has a seating capacity of 7 people and has a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters. The mileage for this one ranges from It features 7-passenger seating capacity and has 80 ltr fuel tank. The mileage ranges as 10.26 kmpl to 14.24 kmpl.

Price- Rs 26.7- 32.6 lakhs

4)Toyota New Camry Hybrid

An outlet of improved output, fuel efficiency and emission performance, Toyota’s Camry Hybrid 2019 is a masterpiece crafted with the utmost skill. It has a 2.5-liter, i.e. 2487 cc petrol engine with Atkinson cycle engine aided by an electric motor. It is paired with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). It is also one of the new cars in India.

Equipped with the fuel + self-charging electric engine, this one delivers the unmatched power along with class-leading fuel efficiency of 23.27 km. It’s more of a lavish box saloon amid the design of sedan with a sportier feel. Its dimensions are 4879 mm, 1838mm and 1445 mm for length, breadth, and height respectively. It has a seating capacity for 5 people.

Price- Rs 37.5 lakhs

3)Toyota Prius

A hybrid option that speaks of innovation and performance, Toyota Prius is the epitome of new-generation cars. It is the go-to choice for anyone willing to minimize the carbon footprint.

It comes with 1798 cc engine bearing automated transmission and has a sporty look. It has a 5-seater space. The mileage for this one is 23.9 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 45.1 lakhs

2)Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The big guns of the Toyota clan, Land Cruiser Prado is the one stuff of dreams. With the robust and powerful nature that none could match for, this one is the way to go. Also marked as the  Baby Land Cruiser for its lineage to the elder sibling, this one rightfully takes the second best spot.

It comes with 2983 cc diesel engine with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. It can house 7 people inside and has a fuel tank capacity of 87 ltr. The certified mileage for this one is 11.13 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 96.30 lakhs

1) Toyota Land Cruiser

The reigning king of Toyota cars in India, Toyota Land Cruiser is the finest premium SUV cars around. It is the best Toyota car in India and comes with a  4461 cc diesel engine with automated transmission featuring all-wheel drive.

It bears a seating capacity of 7 people and has a fuel tank capacity of 93 ltr. It comes with a mileage of 9.0 kmpl.

Price- Rs 1.47 crores

Quite a few interesting names in there, aye? What’s your views on the best Toyota cars in 2019? Let us know in the comments below. Also, You can buy new car online here.

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