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What is a Demo Car?

A “demo” or “Test Drive” car is a particular car model which the dealership uses to either place on the showroom floors for the potential customers to experience the vehicle in and out or to use it as a test drive vehicle for the customers to take it out for a spin. Demo cars can also be used for buying purpose as well and its price is comparatively lesser than brand new cars.

Buying demo cars in Delhi especially is not easy as availability of demo cars are not that frequent therefore a car lover should keep an eye out of such opportunities. Sometimes demo cars are also unregistered demo cars as initially they are just used for initial testing or test drives. To buy latest demo cars with huge discounts anywhere in India visit

Pros of Buying a Demo Car:

Getting to be a first owner car at the price of a used car

The prime reason people opt for a Test Drive car is to enjoy the ownership experience of a new car at the price of a used car. One of the best advantages in this being that the market value of the car remains intact which in the case of having a second owner to its name certainly takes a hit.

Less driven than a used car

Demo cars for sale are usually much less driven than a second-hand car. Take any used iteration of the same model from the same model year and you’ll see that the second-hand car will have a bigger number on the odometer as compared to the demo car.

You can get top-spec variant for less money

Demo cars are always the top-spec variants of the car, hence while buying a demo car you always get a top-spec variant but at a price much less than the on-road price of a new top-spec car. Hence, there won’t be any compromises there by opting used demo cars

A Demo Car is a refurbished car

Before putting it up for sale, the dealership makes the demo car goes through a refurbishing process to clear off any signs of past usage that there are on the car. Dealerships try their best to make the demo car look and feel as new as an unused car.

Comes with a Warranty

Dealerships that opts demo cars for sale make sure to insure the car by providing an extended warranty to the customer. This can either be paid for or is provided complimentary by the dealership based on the deal you get from them. So peace of mind is also guaranteed while buying a demo car.

How to buy a Demo Car?

  • Step 1: Research the car’s history
  • Step 2: Check the car’s warranty
  • Step 3: Do it again with more demo cars
  • Step 4: Find out how much your options are actually worth
  • Step 5: Inspect for damages
  • Step 6: Negotiate the price and financing

How much could you save on a Demo Car?

The only reason any buyer will opt for a demo car is to refrain oneself from spending way too much on a new car. So the price difference is a key element. However, this factor is also subjective to the segment of the car you are looking for and the price range the car falls under. Cars from the premium segment have a much bigger price difference between a demo car and a new car. This price difference may not be as significant in the case of economy cars.